Mugen Nitrocross Cup by RMV 10. - 12. June 2010

International Mugen Race for 1:8th Scale Nitro Offroad Buggy & Truggy

Calendar date: 10st - 12rd June 2011
Organiser: FAR - Förderkreis Automodell Rennsport
Control unit: RMV Deutschland Modellautovertrieb oHG, Varusring 9, 46509 Xanten
Venue: OFF ROAD racetrack at Stoppelhopser Oberhausen e.V., Niebuhrstraße 59, 46049 Oberhausen, location plan: localization
Overnight stay: Hotel and Catering schedule: accommodation
Eligible: Any Person with an Mugen Seiki OFF Road 1:8th Scale Buggy car with max. 3.5 ccm glow engine or a Truggy with min. 3,5ccm and more corresponding to the technical specifications of the DMC/EFRA
Basics and holding modus: Rules and Regulations of the DMC e.V. Christmas-Tree styled Finals with 11 participants and 4 bump-up spots. 3 classes including 1:8th Scale Buggy [Top and Hobby] as well as Truggy. Each class there is a Top Qualifier with directly qualification into the main final.
Timetable: Friday: Controlled Free-Practice from 10:00 am until 19:00 pm
Saturday: Transmitter impound 08:30 am, Drivers briefing 08:40 am, Start of Qualifikation 09:00 am, three rounds a 7 minute
Sunday: Transmitter impound 08:30 am, Start finals 09:00 am
Officials: Markus Dinkhoff, Rainer Wiesweg, Daniel Reckward
Timing system: AMBrc transponder assett with HUI software
Entry: Online entry is possible at Allowed there is FM transmitters as well as DSM Spectrum System! Number of particitants is bounded: 36 drivers [OR8 Top) 72 drivers [OR8 Hobby] 36 drivers [ORT Truggy] as well as 12 drivers [OR8E Buggy-Brushless].Each one of entrant there must declare a AMBrc Personal-Transponder! Also advise in one class, unlicensed double entries!
Closing time: 5th Mai 2010 or as soon as maximum entries is attained
Send to: Online entry Connection does take place with online entry end of March 2011.
Entry fee: Entry fee is 35 EURO. After online entry you obtain an Info-Mail, whereto assign the entry fee yet. Who amoung you bilk a expiration of a time limit of 10 days, whose driving place is released. Max. 156 drivers licensed. Each one of a drivers become a special welcome paket.
Prizes: Loving cups for all main final drivers at current classes as well as one special cup per 4 Top Qualifier
Disclaimer: As of the Regulations of the DMC. The Organizers reserve the right, due to 'Acts of God' and or other severe circumstances, or governmental regulations, or security, or organisational circumstances, to change specifics of inscription/procedures or even to cancel the race without refunding inscription fees or be held responsible for other incurred costs or damages.